Shoe Designer Trades



A craft plied in workshops by patient men; an art usually handed down from father to son, thus delineating, over time, a precise and recognizable stylistic figure.

For a large part of its history, the shoemaker's work has been that of an artisan, carried out using refined techniques and natural materials - leather, wood, jute - and performed by expert hands and eyes capable of measuring a foot just by looking at it.

Subsequently, mass production and the mechanization of the production process, while bringing clear economic advantages, ended up levelling out the uniqueness and individual differentiation that the shoemaker in his laboratory was able to convey, making it the job of a few for the few or relegating it to the mere repair of soles, belts and bags.

Luckily, in recent years, in Italy and abroad, we have witnessed the recovery of ancient craft traditions, trades of bygone days, which have acquired a new style, sometimes even a new name, so the shoemaker has becomes a designer.

We are witnesses to the re-reading of material processes that made great names such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Elsa Schiaparelli or Alberto Fermani./p>

The shoemaker is today a creative person able to process innovative materials, not only of plant origin, but also recycled, industrial; a craftsman capable of producing durable and comfortable shoes, suitable for the needs of customers; a stylist attentive to new trends but above all a constantly updated professional who, with ease, can easily alternate the stitching awl and the computer mouse, fibreboard and CAD/CAM software.

The shoe designer, shoemaker, stylist, artist, is responsible for planning, designing and creating shoes.

A noble art that withstands time and changes in the industry and which has today become one of the most noble and tiring craft professions. It has been calculated, in fact, that there are about two hundred operations that a "shoe professional" carries out from the design phase, passing through the choice of leathers until final product completion.

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