Trades Restaurant Manager


The Restaurant Manager organizes and directs the service, takes orders and maintains a continuous relationship with guests, making sure everything is progressing according to the standards of the restaurant. He/she works in an international environment.

His/her activities are mainly logistical. together with the chef, he/she plans the menus, with the aim of choosing what he/she considers best suited to the needs of the clientele. He/she takes care of the aesthetic aspects of the room and directs and examines the work of waiters; he/she is dedicated to welcoming guests, presenting the menu and wine list and advising guests on choices to make.

The Restaurant Manager, thanks to high technical and specialist skills, generally finds a job in gourmet restaurants, where a certain quality standard and a certain level of refinement are provided.

Being in constant contact with the public, he/she must be courteous, diplomatic and possess good communication skills. He/she must be able to convey a positive image of the restaurant and enhance dishes and service. In this case, a certain knowledge is required of both food and wine with an overview of the wine market and selling techniques.

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