Culture, art, technology and innovation are just some of the traits an interior designer must have.

Culture, art, technology and innovation are just some of the traits an interior designer must have.

Interior design is firmly based on Italian foundations.

A real specialist in the sector, able to adapt all the spaces brought to his/her attention to the needs of those who live or work in them.

A professional figure regularly sought after by national and international companies and architectural firms, including according to the latest occupational trends of the moment, is that of Interior Designer, who dedicates his/her activity to the design of spaces and objects inside a home, whether private or not.

Generally speaking, the figure of Interior Designer is commonly confused with that of interior stylist, but this is not the case: he/she is also and above all a designer who pays great attention to the practical and functional aspects of everyday life, starting with materials and technologies that should always be of quality, up to the assessment of the harmony which exists between full and empty spaces.

Creating shape for spaces: places to live, work, inspire, build relationships. Interior architecture meets the needs of comfort, efficiency and even more so, of identity: from concept to the study of colours, volumes and surfaces.

Great attention by those who choose this profession is dedicated to creation, within commercial spaces, shops, showrooms and stands, as well as film or theatre sets: contexts in which the professional provides his/her technical and stylistic know-how to meet the needs of institutional or product communication, such as mis-en-scène for sets.

A passion for furniture and decoration, a creative personality open to new challenges, but also a great desire to communicate ideas to the world: these are the characteristics that a good Interior Designer must possess.

In recent years, this profession has extended its range of action, leaving aside its snob and “for the fortunate few” aspects and moving from private lounges to larger and more modern environments.

The innovative figure of the Interior Designer designs the interiors and appropriate furnishing of offices, shops, shows and private homes, combining the client’s requests with new trends and, in many cases, with a strong sensitivity for the environment, through the increasingly frequent use of recyclable materials and alternative energies.

An interior designer often works with companies and commercial businesses in the furniture, interior design sector, or for design and architecture firms.

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