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A Designer of Jewellery and Accessories is a professional able to work different materials, from the most traditional to the most innovative, digital and industrial, natural precious metals or which become precious thanks to sophisticated creative processes.

The art of jewellery is perhaps among the oldest in the history of mankind; the populations of Mesopotamia, the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans have left us precious items of jewellery - rings, earrings, necklaces of immense beauty.

During the course of history of course, jewellery design has undergone many radical and quick changes.

Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Pop Art, Materialism, Minimalism are just some of the stylistic currents which have affected the manufacture of jewellery.

All this because a jewel not only contains the creativity of the craftsman, his skills, his aesthetic taste, but also the collective imagination, the sensibility of time, the trends of fashion, art and the market.

Jewellery design still begins with a sketch on a blank sheet of paper, but now there are many types of different software to support the conceptual phase. The appeal of this profession lies, after all, in the skilful combination of an ancient trade and the drive for change required by our times.

A designer must therefore possess multifaceted training which combines the history of the subject with knowledge of techniques and tools, marketing strategies and retail logic, which are crucial in order to make the grade on an increasingly competitive market.

Italy has a long tradition of jewellery and jewellery design dating back to the end of the 19th century in the Piedmont town of Valenza; suffice it to mention Vincenzo Melchiorre, the goldsmith of kings and nobles, who became synonymous with made in Italy elegance and style.

Design jewellery is one of the most dynamic Made in Italy sectors, not only in terms of the quality and the originality of the materials used, but above all because of the craftsmen who make it and their creativity. It is therefore a segment open to the working world, ready to accommodate new and well-trained resources, updated as regards new trends and cutting-edge production methods.

The jewellery designer can specialize as a designer or prototyper and work for manufacturers or workshops.

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