Chef careers


The term chef de cuisine was coined in the 20th century to define the haute cuisine cook, refined French cooking, very elaborate and above all costly.

Over time however, the name came to mean any type of professional cook and any type of cuisine.

A chef is responsible for every aspect of the kitchen, from the choice of menu, to the selection of food and the preparation of dishes up to the management of staff, the so-called kitchen brigade, (a term coined by the chef Auguste Escoffier), for which he/she is responsible and supervisor.

For some years, thanks to the long tail of Internet and national and international celebrity chefs, the various Gordon Ramsay, Carlo Cracco and Bruno Barbieri, this profession has become the ambition of many, a myth for others, especially in a country like Italy, where cuisine has always been the fulcrum and expression of national culture.

The career outlets are many and different - restaurants, canteens, trattorie, taverns, hotels, holiday farms, cruise ships; there is a whole world that moves around the kitchen and that seems to know no crisis, but rather evolves and rapidly transforms, following fashions and new eating habits, adapting to the principles of sustainability and health. This is a profession that requires constant updating and a total openness to the world.

Today, a chef does not only cook; he/she is a manager who can handle the unexpected and solve it in the shortest possible time.

He/she is naturally required to be ingenuous and creative, but also precise, punctual, rigorous, patient and communicative so that he/she leads his brigade.

Getting ready for the profession in the best possible way, in the field between the cookers and shelves of a real kitchen, is fundamental, because as Harriet Van Horne, the famous gastronomic critic said "Cooking is like loving, or you abandon yourself completely or you give it up".

Chef career

The chef is the head of the kitchen and staff, the famous brigade and takes care of menu selection, food selection and dish preparation.

Not only does he/she prepare excellent food, but also plays the role of manager. The genius and creativity of the artist must therefore be combined with the precision, rigour and patience of a leader capable of managing the unexpected and resolving it in the shortest possible time. It is a profession that requires constant updating and great dedication.

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