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Good taste, creativity, technological innovation, brio, genius and a touch of necessary and blessed madness have always characterized Italian "know-how", from design to fashion, cooking, cars, architecture and art.

That extraordinary ability to give shape and elegance to things, so appreciated and imitated abroad, which everyone refers to with a definition coined in the 80's, Made in Italy, continues its unstoppable progress.

Starting with figures: already in the early months of 2016, 1,300 companies, according to Italian newspaper Sole24Ore, recorded a 47% increase in turnover, compared to 38% recorded among the 22 thousand companies belonging to the world of reference; standing out in particular were manufacturing companies in the clothing, furniture and automation sectors.

And companies in particular which develop business based on the network of relations abroad are more dynamic both on the employment front (10% confirmed hiring in 2015) and on exports (+50% foreign orders, with a 76% share of exporters).

Not to mention the Food sector which, thanks to Made in Italy, landed and began its race in the USA, confirming all its strength on this vast and heterogeneous market.

Last year, Italian companies totalled a turnover of 3.96 billion Euros. They were able to count on the export of a hundred new products and the courage of many emerging managers who decided to start doing business in the United States.

A positive trend, therefore, which continues in 2016.

Made in Italy, the third best-known brand in the world after Coca Cola and Visa, was created precisely to protect and promote Italian products, which have always been associated with quality and high specialization, as well as tradition and elegance.

In Italy, for example, there is a lively craft industry that must be protected and made known to the world; there are artisans, who with their hands continue to transform tradition and creativity into ideas, products and wealth; a cultural production system that generates 90 billion euros of added value each year, provides work for 1.5 million people and moves 17% of GDP.

Since 1999, the Made in Italy label has been protected by associations such as the Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers and is regulated by law.

Because Italian talent, art, beauty and culture are a common asset and values that spur innovation and competitiveness for all other sectors and dynamic businesses.

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