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Duration: 1 month

Lessons are staged with a frequency of four weekends

Saturday and Sunday


CALL 06 42016628

Presentation of the professional figure

Food Studies

Elements of history and culture tied to food for a better understanding of the economic and social implications and developments in traditions as regards tastes and food consumption.

symbols and models

  • Analysis and evolution of Consumption
  • Lifestyles and food choices

Food design

  • Origins, definitions and applications
  • The 'made in Italy' product

Concept Design

  • The creative process in food and Design
  • Brand Essence
  • Motivational research
  • Image and Experience
  • Story telling
  • Multisensoriality and conviviality

Team leadership and coordination

  • Division of roles and duties
  • Coordination and motivation
  • Management of planning and control phases
  • Problem solving

Research and Planning

  • Analysis of requirements and new trends
  • New Concept Food Tools & Packaging
  • Project Management
  • Brief
  • Swot Analysis
  • Target

The production of a gastronomic event - Project/Product and Marketing of the event

  • Integrated strategy and communication plan
  • Cross-mediality

The aim of any type of event is to create a moment of strong aggregation with high representative impact which brings the target of interest closer to the reality of the event itself. For this purpose, it is necessary to build an Environment which acts as a means of communication and socialization, a ‘mis-en-scène’ designed to involve each guest, individual and group and extend their experiential perception.

  • The Event Market segment
  • Event Concept and Planning
  • Conception of set-up and space decoration project
  • Creation of performance paths and extemporaneous installations
  • Gadget Concept
  • Event Organisation
  • Budget Definition
  • Location Search
  • Catering service organization
  • Show Cooking

Communication on the web in a multi-channel perspective

  • The Internet and the web
  • Websites, blogs, communities, forums
  • From web 1.0 to web 2.0
  • Tools and technologies of web 2.0
  • Building a strategy for online communication
  • Planning and managing presence on main social media
  • Data analysis and feedback
  • Blogging search

Wine and food communication

  • Gastronomic Language and image
  • Textual and visual communication
  • Gastronomic criticism
  • Mass media and Life Style
  • Media and Social Design in catering

Web Food Marketing

Emotional involvement in the social marketing era: how to narrate and sell food, using emotional language and new-generation technologies. Reference to social marketing, visual storytelling, strategy of simplicity.

Students will also participate in a real project for a real customer, thus experimenting their creative skills and confronting themselves with the evolution of the market, the possibilities offered by new technologies and new food trends.

In addition, there are also real "education tours": guided tours with teachers in public places, retail spaces and new entertainment venues in Rome.

Thanks to the lessons of the best professionals in the design and food and wine sector, future food designers will thus learn the "how, where and why of food design": they will learn how to conceive and realize food and wine events down to the smallest detail;

to present dishes and food in the most appropriate way for different situations; to invent and use the most useful products to prepare, preserve and cook food;

to design spaces, installations and performances dedicated to food and, finally, conceive new and creative occasions for conviviality.

The high professional level of teachers, the quality of teaching and the consolidated relationships with partner companies and leading protagonists of the food and wine sector will provide students with plenty of opportunities for integration into a fast expanding work environment.



Job Placement both in Rome and abroad

At the end of the course, the Academy helps its students to find a job in their specific training sector, thanks to the JOB PLACEMENT office, both in Rome and abroad. This includes drawing up a CV and sending weekly newsletters with the best job offers.

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